The “Next” experience for Roundcube users

We all know the annoyance of (web) applications not doing what we expect them to do and staring at the tumbling “Loading…” icons has become a part of our daily routine.  The more digital tools we use, the more sensitive we become for good user experience. UX is the big buzzword and Roundcube Next is not only about faster development but also very much dedicated to significantly improve the way we interact with our webmail application of choice.

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Why Roundcube Next will save your day as a developer

While Roundcube One originates from a private fun project with email – and only email – in mind, we have learned our lessons and are committed to do Roundcube Next right from the ground up. In the year 2015, communication combines a variety of tools we need to connect to each others. And that’s exactly what we aim to cover with the architectural design of Roundcube Next. It shall become a solid and open foundation for building communication apps on top of it. Email will certainly remain a key component as it still is the most important means of communication today. But there’s more and therefore we want to make Roundcube Next the WordPress of communication if you will.

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