Roundcube Next is ready for take-off

It all started with this hypothetical question: how would we implement Roundcube if we could start over again? And now this idea has already grown into a concrete plan how to create the responsive, fast and beautiful successor of Roundcube.

The architectural changes necessary for this are clearly too big to be applied to the current Roundcube codebase without breaking the compatibility for most plugins and extensions. So we won’t take that risky path but rather define Roundcube One as feature complete and focus on a new core engine for the future Roundcube webmail application. This will enable everybody to participate in the process of reshaping the architecture and to adapt the existing plugins to the new API as we go along.

There’s no doubt that such a major refactoring is a huge endeavor and requires a substantial effort in concepts, development and testing. Nothing to be done over the weekend but we also don’t want to spend another 10 years to make this become reality. Luckily we have strong partners and supporters to push this forward. Kolab Systems has offered to drive this project by contributing their well established software development capabilities, from project management, developer power to QA and testing. In addition to that, the folks at Kolab Digital can’t wait to share their expertise on the UX and design part. However, such a level of professionalism also comes with a price.

Getting help from the crowd to back this

In order to enable both Kolab Systems and Kolab Digital to actually assign the necessary resources to the “Roundcube Next” project, we sat together and decided that it would make sense to reach out to the entire Roundcube community to help make this happen. Yesterday, we proudly announced the crowd funding campaign at the end of the Kolab Summit in The Hague.

The Funding StepsTogether, we can make this a great success! Please help spread the word, back the campaign with a pledge, and join us for what is going to be a fantastic journey. Regular updates will be posted to the crowd funding page, and we are excited to make the run to our initial goal and beyond with you!


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