Say hello to the new face of Roundcube

We’re very happy to give you a first preview of the all new skin for Roundcube webmail. It was created by FLINT, the very talented graphic designer who already designed our website. He worked hundreds of hours for free just to make Roundcube the best-looking webmail software on the planet. And the results are overwhelming: the design is very stylish and modern while remaining clear and functional and it makes our current default skin look like Squirrelmail ;-)

The all new mail view of Roundcube

See all the drafts at our Flickr page.

The fake contents of the screens are in German and they include some features which are not yet implemented but it’s nice to have an idea of the future.

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About Thomas
I'm the initiator and head developer of the Roundcube webmail project.

83 Responses to Say hello to the new face of Roundcube

  1. Monty says:

    Very very cool, looking forward to this! Thanks for your work, Roundcube is an amazing project!

  2. Looks really nice. We look forward to use it.

    Thanks for the amazing work.

  3. J Mo says:

    Looks awesome!! When can I get my hands on the new skin!?!? Thanks for all the hard work! Roundcube is the best webmail client by far!

  4. Somecallmemike says:

    That is absolutely beautiful! A couple questions, will version 0.7 of Roundcube support a built in calendar as is shown in this screen shot? Also when do you expect this version/theme will be released? Very excited for this, and thanks for your excellent work.

    • Thomas says:

      There already is a calendar plugin available for Roundcube and yes, we’ll most likely integrate it one day as a fixed part of the package. There’s no exact roadmap for the new skin. What you see are first drafts and it’ll take some months to finish and implement this new and rather complex UI.

      • kinetachien says:

        Oh PLEASE! That would be awesome. I’ve been trying for years to get that calendar plugin to work and have never been able to. Integrated calendar would be BRILLIANT!.

      • kinetachien says:

        Oh YES please! I’ve been trying to get that calendar plugin to work for years and never managed. An integrated calendar would be BRILLIANT!

  5. Arjan Koole says:

    That design blows me away, can’t wait to start using it.

  6. justindgivens says:

    WOW…Again, WOW. I’m excited to see this interface at work!!

  7. I wan’t this interface Now! :)

  8. rouncube lover says:

    woohoo this looks awesome, looking forward to install this !

  9. Robert MAroon says:

    Awesome. But please, please, please, move the “send” button in a prominent position, as it is now I literally have to scan the screen to find it (I am always tempted to press the green “back arrow on the toolbar).

  10. neo says:

    is it avaialble…where to download….if not when will it be released…

  11. I put some more screens of the new Roundcube skin on my Blog

    Cheers, Michael

  12. Hello to all … I would like to take off a question about RoundCube. Well, how do I send an email to all my contacts at once like in gmail webmail for example? Why not facilitate this option for all who use RoundCube? I believe that such improvements would be welcome to us all. Hugs and awaiting solutions like this. Thank you.

  13. Christian Köwing says:

    That is awsome, I can’t wait to use it! Go go go!!! :D

  14. Koren says:

    Can’t wait !

    I should’nt have read this post, now I’ll check this blog every day T_T

    We… need… it…

  15. byshidik says:

    its super!!!!

  16. Silencer says:

    Absolutely nice; eagerly waiting!

  17. iDon says:

    “it makes our current default skin look like Squirrelmail” :D

    Great work

    I just love roundcube

  18. Charlie says:

    can’t wait to see it ! when it will be available ?

  19. Somecallmemike says:

    I hate to keep bugging, but what is the latest update on integrating this skin with Roundcube? From what I read it will not be released with 0.7, can we expect to see this with later versions, or is there a date in mind for release? We’re all very excited to start using this skin, it’s so beautiful!

    • Thomas says:

      The screens you can see here are plain Photoshop files and it takes some time to turn them into a functional Roundcube skin. But we’re working on it and you can expect the new skin to be available approximately in February 2012.

      • iDon says:

        Thank you for the news. Good job and God bless you all for making the best product on the planet

      • Soryanmc says:

        That would be so cool i’m looking forward to it.
        This is the best design for webmail client i ever seen!

  20. Black Reaper says:

    I just wanna to say one word to you and the developers behind you : AWESOME!!!
    It’s just porn. Great Work.

  21. Raghwendra says:

    how to get this superb…

  22. Sam says:

    I just wanted to say how clean the UI is and look well laid out.

    You shouldn’t have dangled such an enticing carrot so many months out !!!!!

  23. Dr Linux says:

    Looks great, but will it be optional – with the current being the default? That might save some calls to customerservice for providers of e-mail services ;)

    • Thomas says:

      The new design will definitely become the default skin in future versions but the old one will remain in the distribution for a while. It’s the provider’s responsibility to prepare their users for the switch in order to keep support calls at a minimum level.

  24. Paul A says:

    love the proposed design. Can I please request that the double-click behaviour for opening messages takes into account users on tablets who don’t have double click abilities? Would be nice if it were able to detect if android/iWhatever and amend its bhaviour accordingly.
    Look forward to seeing progress on the new skin. Thanks for your continued efforts – outstanding work. Best regards, Paul A.

  25. Anunturi says:

    This is great news. The new interface really looks awesome, its getting closer to a full blown application.

  26. Joni Halmelahti says:

    Epic! Go for it!

  27. Jono says:

    This new interface and CalDAV and CardDAV support! nothing could beat roundcube!

  28. I have been using Afterlogic semi-successfully and have stumbled upon Roundcube here and am very excited to switch to this platform. Much less monster-like code and very fast compared to AL.

    When do you suppose the new skin will be out? That’s the tasty icing on the cake. I saw above that Feb was mentioned but also not until after .7 and the roadmap shows 50%-ish completion to the next release..

    A little light / update in that regard would be great!

    Thanks! Glad to come aboard ^_^

  29. NaN says:

    Looks amazing; do want.

  30. Jason says:

    I am very excite.

  31. Sam says:

    exciting look and feel – looking forward to upgrading with the new skin…

  32. charlie03 says:

    do you have a date ?

  33. Peeol says:


    Hope you can come out with a more accurate release date :)

  34. kultsar says:

    Awsome design, will try when becomes public.

  35. Matt Moldvan says:

    Hoping to see this soon … very sleek looking design.

  36. Daniel says:

    When will be?!!!!

  37. Thomas says:

    The release 0.8-beta with the new skin is now available for testing.

    Read the announcement at and download it from

    Thanks for you patience!

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  39. Grzegorz says:

    Best i ever seen!

  40. Stephan says:

    In version 0.5.x, the German “Umlauts” (special characters) in the address lines are replaced by codes when opening an unsent email.

    In version 0.7.x, additionally, the real mailbox name is displayed in the window title bar (e.g. “sent”), and not the names in the appropriate language (e.g. “Gesendet”).
    And – when you open an email (a draft or a copy of another email as new), the entries in the CC and BCC fields are being deleted.

    I think that Roundcube is a very good webmailer, but I also think there should be taken more care to avoid adding new errors to existing functions. At the moment, I am thinking about going back to version 0.3.x, as this version required least work (within 0.3.x, 0.5.x, 0.7.x) to send a correct email without missing or corrupted recipient data.

  41. Ex-Roundcube-user says:

    What does not work:
    – German “Umlauts” (special characters) in the address lines
    – the real mailbox name (always in English!) is displayed in the window title bar
    – the entries in the CC and BCC fields are being deleted.
    And if this comment will be deleted again, I will stop recommending Roundcube at once!

    • Thomas says:

      These things all work in the latest version. There must be some configuration or environment error causing the problems you’re describing. However, to get support or repport bugs, please visit

      BTW: comments are not deleted but moderated which sometimes can take some time.

  42. I just activated the new design and I have to say that it works like a charm! Awesome work, guys!

  43. rob says:

    this wont disply correctly in explore 8 or 9 any suggestions ????

    • Thomas says:

      It does in my IE 8 and 9 on Win 7. You have to be slightly more concrete if you expect any help or improvements.

      • Robert watton says:

        our sytem works fine mozzilla and safari but not in eplorer, we are running 0.7, when you are logged in the layout is all over the place in explorer 8 and 9 . any reasson to why this is happening

      • Thomas says:

        Roundcube has successfully been tested with IE6-9. There must be some specialty with your environment.

        However, this article is about the new skin released in 0.8-beta and this blog isn’t the right place to ask for support anyways. Please see to find out how to get help and how to report bugs.

  44. michals says:


  45. Adhit says:

    can’t i download it?

  46. Samir Raazz says:

    Hi there! Could you please give me some advices for saving my new password on roundcube webmail?
    I’ve got the error message ” couldn’t save new password”

    i updated this line
    $rcmail_config[‘password_ldap_encodage’] = “md5crypt”;

    but its not working

    Please help me. Thanks.

  47. briandao09 says:

    I notice that the new version is feature complete, is there a release date set for it?

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  49. Peter says:

    Fabulous job! I’m staggered by the outlook which looks clean and nicely fits with colours to the rest! Works better than I could imagine!

  50. muharkus says:

    This new skin is a great! improvement. Way to go y’all. It’s easier to navigate and easy on the eyes. Many thanks, and kudos to the designer.

  51. Bence says:

    Great! When do you plan to be in ubuntu package pool?

  52. Dave says:

    Will this new skin also work on older versions, more so on version 0.7.2?

    • Thomas says:

      No it won’t. Skins deployed with the core package are tied to the version they’re shipped with. Why the heck don’t you wanna upgrade?

  53. Hello everyone!
    Some new
    roundcubeskins themes launched.Its awesome!!!!!!
    It will be free for personal use and we will be offering support and upgrade packages with diffrend colorfull themes.
    Excellent ! Any feedback is greatly appreciated…… :) :)

  54. Hello, DREAMSNET.IT an Italian web company, has developed a skin similar to microsoft.

    On their website you can view the screenshots, a live demo, and a video on youtube that shows how it works.

    Very beautiful.


    Youtube video:
    Modify message

  55. Albert Albs says:

    Thank you so much for the great UI and the updates roundcube. I fall in love with you now. :)

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