“I would like…” – January 2010

How a webmail solution could protect you from mentally ill people.

From: K.W.
To: hello@roundcube.net
Date: Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 14:27
Subject: A feature is missing! I would like…

…to block one speciffic sender of e-mails. AND tell that person I have blocked his/her ALL mails to my account.

This is mentaly ill person that keeps on sending me lots of information I've not requested. Actually it is a case for the police, but I am an entrepeneur, have 3 kids, a house, broken cars and a wif to catch up with. O…I forgot the cat. I just want to skip the sick person and not bather any more with the problem.

THAT feature doesn't exist in the solutions you offer. How do we solv this?

The company I use as e-mail provider is SUPPRESSED

Sincerely,  yours…
Mr. K. W.


8 thoughts on ““I would like…” – January 2010

  1. untelepathic says:

    1. Configure your Cyrus or Dovecot server to support Sieve
    2. Install the Managesieve plugin
    3. Create a filter to delete all messages that originate from my email address

    • robin paulson says:

      you don’t change your email address as such. under most free operating systems (such as linux distros), the email account is tied to the machine account. thus, if you change your machine account password, your email password will also change. this will vary dependent upon the desktop environment (KDE, gnome, lxde, xfce, etc.) you are using. alternatively, type
      on a command line (terminal) and follow the instructions

    • jamieson says:

      if anyone actually tries this, they’ll erase their entire system. jack, if you’re going to make jokes, then say it’s a joke. some desperate people might try anything and then lose all their email. rm is remove, -r is recursive (loop through all directories and files), f is force, and / means start at the root. the * listed here is superfluous but means include every file in the / directory, but / is enough. jack — don’t believe me? try it… 😉 that’s a joke!

  2. Chris says:

    @jack: this is not a joke. There are people out there who might take this seriously, and when they have wiped their system they are not even able to hit you. You might say they deserve this due to their ignorance, but we all have been beginners sometime.

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