“The name?”, March 2009

No comment needed…

Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 09:50:50
To: hello@roundcube.net
Subject: The name?

Why is it called "Roundcube"?

That is so silly and non-intuitive. As a matter of fact, it's very counter-intuitive.

A cube cannot be round. (It could be rounded, but not actually round.)

It is impossible to imagine such a fictional entity as well.

It is impossible to portray such a non existent thing, as is evidenced by the silly logo.

The logo portrays a cubic thing (not actually a cube there) that has either had a sphere stuffed into it, or a semi-sphere set upon it.

But it is definitely not a roundcube, whatever that is.

Why would you even need such a thing as a round cube? We have sphere's and circles to take care of that for us.

And even if you could conceive an object that would fill both a cube-shaped and sphere-shaped void at the same time, we wouldn't need that either, because we have silly putty, water, expanding spray foam, light and other neat things for that.

I really have problems saying, or even typing "Roundcube" because of the inherent retardedness of that "word".

As a result, it is also a challenge for me to use it as a mail client, which is sad, because other than the ill-conceived name it beats the other options hands down.

It's an excellent mail client, with a very unfortunate name. Hard to imagine someone having the resources to create the mail client, yet simultaneously capable of naming it "Roundcube".




17 thoughts on ““The name?”, March 2009

  1. reup says:

    well you had no problem to type it in the header of your email

    you actually mention it 4 time in the email

    I don’t know if this is a joke email, but in case you are serious, I will just add a different opinion here

    I use roundcube, it has a great advantage over other free webmail, it is pretty

    I install it in a directory called roundmail and rename the site REUPMAIL. you don’t have to see the name roundcube at all

    I still hope this is a joke, but in case not, I thought I had to show the people making this nice piece of software, that we appreciate their work



  2. werner says:

    Really, who cares about the name?

    From a practical side, it actually very intuitive, since it’s easy to find related information.

    Image it was called “LAMP Webmail Client”… now would you get related information to this product if you googled for it?

    I’m not wasting further time typing a response for that silly post. I also hope it was a joke post since the name (and it can easily be re-branded if you don’t like the name) never bothered me at all. Looking at the names of some other open source projects, this is actually one of the better ones, lol

  3. Minneyar says:

    Clearly, comments /are/ required.

    First, let me point out that many, many other common products have similar names; Google, Firefox, Oracle, Wii… none of those names tell you anything about the products they apply to.

    Second, if it’s so awful, why don’t you suggest something better?

  4. info@SUPPRESSED seems confused about the definition of “intuitive.” Using Roundcube is very intuitive, which is unrelated to its name. The name “Roundcube” is ironic, since describes something that can’t exist. I think it’s an excellent name, since it’s memorable and unique. I hate trying to find information about software packages with generic or common names, since search engines find so many irrelevant pages.

  5. kosh says:

    It’s obviously a joke. Someone that pedantic would have considered the possibility that the “round” in the name is a noun. It’s a round of cubes! Like a round of drinks. Obviously.

    (logo? what logo?)

  6. I’m with @reup. Roundcube is a fantastically pretty, and powerful, product. I moved here from Squirrelmail (which is an even dumber name) and have never looked back.

    Hey, my domain name is “kwolo” and it doesn’t get much dumber than that! Look beyond the name and evaluate the product, which is excellent!

  7. I think the logo looks like Sizewell B nuclear poer station, in the UK. Take a look:

    I wonder if this was the inspiration?


    • Thomas says:

      @Webbo No, this definitely wasn’t the inspiration for our logo. We’re not based in the UK and I’ve never seen this reactor before. But the similarity is impressing…

  8. Michael Rommel says:

    It’s an absolutely fantastic product – I actually really like the name – also for the reasons “Werner” mentions.

    Thumbs up for all of the developers involved! Great job!


  9. I really like the name “roundcube”, but I agree that it is confusing in its escher-like styling (By the way, M.C. Escher was a crazed artist that publiclly commented on his hatred of e-mail and the internet). I suggest we change the name to something more straightforward:


    ’nuff said.

  10. Marek Stuart says:

    I think it’s logical since I am seating in a “cube” or “cubical” whichever difinition you like with a round shape. 🙂

  11. Chris says:

    @sundansx: how do you come to this idea? M.C.Escher was an artist who lived 1898-1972. I don’t believe he had a like or dislike to the internet.

  12. I have to say that, normally, I would rail against such troll input as Luz says.
    But…. not a lot has happened in the roundcubemail product for a loooooooooooooong time so she/he may have a point if this is all we are concerned about…

    Where is this product going? Is it dead?

  13. sash says:

    roundcube is THE perfect name.
    because it’s so nice and good, its unbelievable something like that exists.

    keep on rockin’ !!

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