“Installer not working”, March 2008

The following screen shot was sent in as a bug report. The Roundcube installer doesn’t seem to work on Windows with IIS…

Roundcube installer problems


9 thoughts on ““Installer not working”, March 2008

  1. werner says:


    Nevermind the silly-ness (cough), the about page (http://roundcube.net/about) states (quoted):

    “This project is a free and open source webmail solution with a desktop-like user interface which is easy to install/configure and that runs on a standard LAMPP server.”

    Notice the “L” in LAMPP?

    I’d like to believe that I’m not the only user that actually reads the project websites’ content 😉

    • Enno says:

      Pfft… technically I’m just in the process of installing in a FAMP (FreeBSD) environment… so its much less restrictive than just “L”-systems! 😉

    • LDS says:

      I’m running it in a WAMP environment and it works flawlessy. I do not use IIS just because of the .htaccess files.
      The problem is not Windows, it’s with that market share the absolute number of unskilled users is high too.

    • Raoul Duke says:

      It works with IIS/Exchange too, I set it up on an SBS 2003 server a while back because Microsoft’s OWA has such rubbish support for non-IE browsers…

  2. heheh, funny!
    I didn’t know roundcubemail has a blog now!
    I just wanted to thank you for this great oss, I am using it for a small youth group since the first alpha! I didn’t find any other decent oss at that time, dunno if there are others by now since I never looked back 🙂 thanks!

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