“Suggestions”, Oct 2005

This first finding from my Inbox was sent to us back in 2005, about 5 months after Roundcube was published on sourceforge.net. It actually is a quite constructive feedback on a very early (and incomplete) version of Roundcube from an obviously highly skilled programmer with webmail experience.

The world would be a much better place nowadays if there wasn’t wine and porn on TV that keeps the geeks from coding neat software products.

From: L. I.
Date: Wed, Oct 5, 2005 at 23:34
Subject: Suggestions
To: dev@lists.roundcube.net

Hello everybody

First of all, these are NOT complaints. Just constructive opinions :-). I coded my first webmail in '97 and had tens of thousands of users until I gave it all away a while ago (after not coding anything for years) so I do know how it's all supposed to work.

These are not in any particular order. And I didn't read the code - I'm pretending to be an ordinary loser.

* The install was easy and config variables eerily reminded me of the ones in my own webmail.... 🙂  Then again, I'm a long-time Unix administrator so pretty much anything is easy.

* After I log out, the first login after that always fails. Second one succeeds.

[DAMN! I spilled the wine]

* In the folder view the top buttons don't scroll but in the message view they do. A little consistency won't hurt.

* I have all my folders under ~/mail/. I first had imap_root=mail/ but then realized that some users had their folders in ~ (this is on a shared server with about 50 users). So I backed out to imap_root=''. I now have mail/INBOX in my folder list which won't go away (the folder doesn't exist).

* I have my sent emails in mail/sent-mail and I'd like to configure Roundcube to do the same.

* I had a REAL hard time opening emails. One click selects, but how the fuck do I open them? Web pages don't have a thing called double-click, so Roundcube shouldn't have one either. This was probably the worst of the problems.

* The icons... The icons you don't use are 32x32 while the icons you use most are 11x11, or practically unclickable. Yeah, I'm talking about Next and Previons message/page.

* What's the deal with having icons both in the top and in the bottom?

[hours pass... wife is talking about religions...]

[two bottles of wine finished, now all we gots are two bottles of cider]

* Teh "Loadign" widow is in the top of the screen, not where you click. Clicking stuff doesn't alywas give immediate feedback.

* The icons don't describe what they mean. Textual explanation under them would be great.

* The "Print" icon launches a new window and the print window on top of that (Linux + Firefox). Why?

* Trash has the stop icon? WTF? I didn't know it meant "Move to trash" until I stopped on top of it. A major no-no.

* "Back to message list" icon hints "the previous message" which it isn't.

* Reply and forward icons look different (the envelope). Why? The action is the same, only to different recipient - the content should be same.

* The main Roudcube logo doesn't take me to the main page - whatever that is. People are used to clicking at the Big Logo Thingy to get back to where they started from.

* Address book should open the first contact automatically

* What's the deal between "view" and "edit" in address book? They are the same.

* Preferences / Folders lists ALL files I have in my $HOME. The default folder list doesn't.

* Hitting ESC while waiting for the above folder list to load makes the whole interface not work. Need to click "Back" on the browser to get the interface function again.

* Clicking Inbox doesn't give teh user any feedback - it just took me around 5 seconds between clicking and seeing any difference.

[There's porn on TV, see you later]

- I.L.


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